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PayTraQer - Sales Settings Configuration

Configuring Sales Settings in PayTraQer


Sales settings in PayTraQer allow users to configure various parameters related to sales transactions across different payment channels. This article provides a comprehensive guide to accessing and managing sales settings within PayTraQer, ensuring seamless integration with QuickBooks Online.

To access the sales settings in PayTraQer, follow these simple steps: 

  • Click the gear icon
  • Choose the setting option
  • Select the Payment Processor (Stripe)-->Sales.

Overview of Sales Settings:

Sales settings in PayTraQer are common across all supported payment channels, including Paypal, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Amazon & eBay. While the illustration may focus on Stripe settings, it's important to note that the configurations discussed herein apply universally across all integrated payment processors.

1) Managing Sales Settings:

Filter Type:

Users can filter transactions by type, such as sales, discounts, refunds, etc. This allows for granular control over the categorization of transactions based on their nature.

QuickBooks Account:

Configure specific QuickBooks accounts for various transaction types. Users can map sales, discounts, refunds, and other transaction categories to designated QuickBooks accounts, ensuring accurate accounting and reporting.

Product Category:

Filter transactions based on product category settings. This feature enables users to categorize transactions by product type, streamlining financial management and analysis.


Filter transactions by transaction location or country. This functionality is particularly useful for businesses operating in multiple regions, allowing for localized accounting and reporting based on transaction geography.


Configuring sales settings in PayTraQer is essential for optimizing financial management processes and ensuring accurate synchronization with QuickBooks Online. By accessing and managing sales settings, users can tailor their transaction categorization, account mapping, and filtering criteria to meet their specific business needs across various payment channels.

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