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PayTraQer - Products & Services Settings Configuration for QuickBooks Online

PayTraQer - Products & Services Settings

To access the Products & Services settings, click the settings icon located on the top right corner of the PayTraQer Screen.

PayTraQer - Products & Services Settings

Configuration for Products & Services settings is common across all the payment channels. For illustration purposes, Paypal settings are shown here. However, the same configurations will be available for Stripe & Square.

PayTraQer Products & Services Settings

Products & Services Settings - PayTraQer

1. Auto Creation of Products/Services

Enable this option to automatically create and sync product/services (Items) from Paypal, Stripe, or Square.

PayTraQer brings Name, Description, and rate information from Payment Systems to QuickBooks Online.

2. Product/Service Type

Select the Item Type for the auto-creation of Product/Service. PayTraQer creates Items in this category if it does not exist in QuickBooks Online.

Supported Types: Service & Non Inventory

3. Sales/Income Account

Select this option to set an income account for the auto-creation of a Product/Service. PayTraQer creates Items with this income account in QuickBooks Online.

4. Enable Common Product/Service

If you don't want to create items in QuickBooks Online as exactly as  Payment Systems, you can enable this option to record all your sales to a default product/service.

Disable Auto creation of Product/service settings to enable this setting.

5. Common Product/Service

Select this option to set a default Item to record all your sales in QuickBooks Online. The Product details from Payment Systems (Paypal, Stripe or Square) will be ignored and the provided item will be used in Invoices and Salereceipts.

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