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PayTraQer - Payout Settings Configuration for QuickBooks Online

PayTraQer - Payout Settings

To access the payout settings, click the settings icon located at the top right corner of the PayTraQer Screen.

Configuration for Payout Settings is common across all the payment channels. For illustration purposes, Paypal settings are shown here. However, the same configurations will be available for Stripe & Square.

Payouts (deposit or balance) from the payment systems ( PayPal, Stripe & Square) are synced accurately with PayTraQer into QuickBooks Online. PayTraQer records these transactions as TRANSFER Transaction in QuickBooks Online.

1. Enable Payout Process

TURN ON this feature to sync the payout information from Payment Systems. If you want to manually create a transfer or deposit, you can turn OFF this feature.

2. Transfer Account

Select the checking/current account where the payout money has been posted by payment systems (PayPal, Stripe & Square). This account will be used for reconciliation.

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