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How to rollback/undo the Sync in Xero using PayTraQer


SaasAnt PayTraQer is a leading automation tool designed exclusively for Xero Online users, trusted by Xero. It streamlines the process of synchronizing payment processor data with Xero Online, offering seamless integration and accurate financial records. One key functionality of PayTraQer is the ability to undo or roll back synced transactions, providing users with ultimate control over their data.


This article aims to guide users through the process of undoing synced transactions in SaasAnt PayTraQer. Whether you encounter errors or need to revert changes, PayTraQer offers a straightforward method to roll back transactions from Xero Online. By utilizing the Synced or Error tab within the PayTraQer Transactions dashboard, users can easily manage their synced data.

To undo synced transactions, users can follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Synced/ Error Tab: Access the PayTraQer Transactions dashboard and locate the Synced or Error tab, depending on where the transactions are listed.
  • Select Records: Choose the transactions you wish to roll back by selecting them within the tab.
  • Click the "Undo Selected" Button: Once the desired transactions are selected, click the "Undo Selected" button to initiate the rollback process.
  • Confirmation Prompt: A confirmation form will appear, prompting users to choose "Undo Transactions".

  • Undo Transactions: Selecting this option will roll back the created transactions in Xero Online, while leaving associated list entities such as Customers, Items, etc., intact.

  • You can also click “Details” on the selected transaction and Undo the transactions, As shown in the below Image.

Important Note:

  • Rolling back transactions in Xero Online will revert your account to its state before the sync. This means any changes made during the synchronization process will be undone.


  • The ability to undo synced transactions in SaasAnt PayTraQer provides users with unparalleled control over their financial data. Whether addressing errors or reverting changes, this feature ensures that users can maintain accurate and precise records in Xero Online. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, users can confidently manage their synced data with ease.

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