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How to setup PayTraQer for Xero Summary Sync (sales summary)

Overview of using PayTraQer to seamlessly integrate your Xero Online account with popular payment processors like Stripe, or Square, Shopify, Amazon & eBay.

Once linked to Xero Online, PayTraQer seamlessly synchronizes your  Stripe, and Square data with your Xero Online account. This accounting automation tool simplifies the process of syncing Payouts to Xero Online with just a few clicks. 

Prerequisites for Using PayTraQer

To connect PayTraQer with your Xero Online account, you'll need the following:

  • An active Stripe or Square account in production (sandbox accounts cannot be connected).
  • A valid Xero Online account with ADMIN (Master Admin/ Accountant) privileges.

How to Add a New Xero Online Company to PayTraQer?

You can add UNLIMITED Xero Online companies to your PayTraQer Account.

1. Navigate to the Xero App Store and search for PayTraQer in the search bar from the Xero App Store.

2. Click on Get this App.

3. Select the Xero account you want to, and click “Allow Access

4. Click “Get Started”

5. Consolidated Sync (Sales Summary). Select this option if you would like to sync the summary of each payout from your e-commerce or payment platform. (Ideal for tracking summary of your sales).


Note: Clicking “Get Started” will guide you to connect payment processors such as Stripe, Square, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

6. Select a payment connector or an e-commerce connector and click "Continue."

Payment & E-commerce connectors

1) Select the e-commerce connector and click ‘Connect”.

Note: Please be aware that transitioning between Sales Summary Sync and Itemized Sync, or vice versa, is not feasible. If you intend to switch to Itemized Sync, it's necessary to disconnect the PayTraQer app and initiate the setup process from scratch. Disconnecting the app will result in the loss of all settings, profile data, and subscription information.

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