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How to Import UPS Store Transactions into QuickBooks Desktop?

The Import functionality enables UPS Store users to seamlessly bring transactional data from text files or Excel spreadsheets into QuickBooks Desktop via SaasAnt Transcation (Desktop) software.

Through the Import feature in SaasAnt Transactions Desktop, users can effortlessly import transactional information from CSV or Excel files directly into their QuickBooks account. This eliminates the need for manual input, streamlining the process and saving users considerable time and effort. The feature will skip the Mapping screen and proceed straight to importing the data into QuickBooks, as we have predefined the mapping template specifically for UPS store customers.

Supported Transactions for UPS Store:

1) Invoices

2) Payments

3) Journal Entry

4) Credit Memo

How do I download from the UPS Store application?

1) Log in to the UPS store franchise reporting system(FRS).

2) Click on POS Reports.

3) Click on Accounting Reports.

4) Choose the Center(Store) number and the Transaction type.

5) Choose the Accounting Software.

6) Select the desired date range and click 'Go

7) Save the file by selecting either the Excel or CSV file format

Let's begin on importing invoice transactions as an example:

1) Login into Quickbooks Desktop.

2) Launch the SaasAnt desktop application.

3) Navigate to the "File" menu and connect to QuickBooks.

4) Access the "Tools" menu and select "UPS Store.

5) Choose the transaction type as "Invoice."

6) Locate and select your file from the destination folder.

7) Adjust the date format according to your Excel file.

8) Finally, click on "Send to QuickBooks."

You can reach out to us at if you are stuck somewhere. 

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