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How to Connect Etsy with QuickBooks Online using PayTraQer?

Learn how to connect your Etsy e-commerce processor with QuickBooks Online using PayTraQer. 

Before you get started. You will need to have the below information:

  • Active QuickBooks Online account
  • QuickBooks Online login credentials as a master administrator. 
  • Active Squarespace e-commerce processor.

Connect your QuickBooks Online Company

To connect your Etsy sales channel to QuickBooks Online you need to set up PayTraQer and connect your QuickBooks Online account.

  • Login to your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Search for PayTraQer in the Intuit App Store. 
  • Click the Get App Now button. You will be navigated to our application.

  • Sign up with your QuickBooks Online credentials.
  • A QuickBooks Online pop-up screen will appear. You need to grant access by clicking the Connect button. Once the connection is established, you will receive a success message on your screen. 
  • Please take advantage of our free trial to use PayTraQer for the first 15 days at no cost. 

  • If you skipped this step, you can navigate to the Settings icon  <cog > E-commerce Accounts to get here 

  • In the Connect to E-Commerce screen, choose the Etsy tile.

  • Please log in to Etsy with your credentials.

  •  Etsy connected successfully with PayTraqer.

Align the Quickstart Settings

After you connect your Etsy website to PayTraQer, you need to keep your hands on the simple quickstart settings to keep the integration plain sailing. 

You can either go with the default Express Settings or customize the settings according to your preference with the Detailed Settings.

Express Settings

This is a customized default setting recommended by the pro-advisors. This works perfectly fine and is seamless for your Etsy integration. 

Select Ok, Let’s Start to Go with the Express Setting.

Detailed Setting

1) You can fine-tune the settings prior and have things your way with the Detailed Settings. You can manage your Sales, Product, Fees, and Payout preferences here.

2) Select the Detailed Steps to manage your preferences. 

3) These are just minimalistic quickstart settings, you can change these anytime after setting up. There are more advanced customizations available inside the application. 

4) You will be navigated to the dashboard once you’re done configuring your quickstart settings.

You can also link the payment gateway connected to your Etsy store to PayTraQer like Stripe, PayPal, or Square.

You can reach out to us at if you are stuck somewhere. You can also schedule a personalized free demo with us if you need better clarity to connect with us by clicking Demo

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