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SaasAnt Migration Data Templates

Migration Templates

The 'Migration Data Files' screen provides a collection of templates designed to organize your financial data systematically for migration preparation. Each template is carefully crafted for specific types of information, ensuring a seamless migration process. Here are detailed instructions for using each template:

Download Templates

You can download the migration templates below.

1) Migration Templates: To input the actual accounting data. 

2) Migration Templates with Sample Files: To understand the migration with sample files.

The Migration Template file contains the following information.


All Templates:

Download this comprehensive file containing all individual templates, offering a holistic overview of the information required for migration.

Bank Statement Register Template:

A bank statement is a document from a financial institution, summarizing all financial transactions during a specific period. Record all bank transactions for the migration period, including date, description, debit amount, credit amount, and ending balance for each month.

Credit Card Register Template:

A credit card statement summarizes financial activity tied to a specific credit card. Use this template to document credit card transactions, including the date, description, charge amount, payment amount, and ending balance for each statement.

Open Invoices Template:

Open invoices" refer to unpaid invoices that a business has issued to its customers or clients but have not been settled yet. These invoices represent amounts owed by customers for goods or services provided by the business. Until the customers make the required payments, these invoices remain open or outstanding.

Open Bills Template:

Open bills" refer to unpaid bills or invoices that a business has received from its vendors or suppliers but has not yet paid. These bills represent amounts that the business owes to its suppliers for goods or services that have been delivered or provided. Until the business makes the required payments, these bills remain open or outstanding

Product Master Template (Optional):

The products and services list represents the list of products and/or services that you sell. You will use items from the products and services list when you create customer invoices, enter purchase orders, and work with inventory. When completing an invoice, a product or service must be created

Customer Master Template (Optional):

In QuickBooks, a "customer" refers to an individual or business entity that purchases goods or services from your company. Managing customer information is a fundamental aspect of accounting, especially concerning sales and revenue tracking

Vendors/Supplier Master Template (Optional):

In QuickBooks, a "vendor" refers to an individual or business entity from whom your company purchases goods or services. Managing vendor information is crucial for accurate accounting and expense tracking

What Next:

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2) How to Add Credit Card Transactions to the Migration Template?

3) How to Upload Outstanding Invoices into the Migration Template?

4) How to Upload Outstanding Bills into the Migration Template?

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