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How to Configure and fix “Error reading from file” during installation?

In this article, we will learn how to fix errors and install the SaasAnt Transactions Desktop Application.


When we try to Install the SaasAnt Desktop Application you may get the following error:

"Error reading from file": C:\ProgramData\{2619CD1C-C73A-4C27-AA55-DE220DC9D237}\OFFLINE\80CC9BA\88DA687B\SaasAntTransactions.exe. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it."


In rare cases, the antivirus software installed on your computer might detect our software as a virus and block the installation, even though the application is safe to install. In such scenarios, you will need to add an exception in your antivirus software or disable the antivirus for a few minutes until the installation is complete.

Solutions 1

A) Disable the antivirus for a few minutes

Step 1: 

Disable the Windows antivirus

1) Select the Windows icon and type "Windows Security" to search for that app.

2) Select the Windows Security app from the search results. Click on "Virus & threat protection" and then click on     "Manage settings" under Virus & threat protection settings.

3) Switch Real-time protection to Off.

Step 2:

Disable the third-party antivirus

1)  Select the Windows tray in the bottom right corner, next to Date & time, and then click on 'Show hidden items.

2)  Right-click on the installed antivirus and select Disable antivirus.

3) Select the option to disable the antivirus for 15 minutes

Note: Once the changes have been made in the antivirus, we can start with the installation process

Solutions 2

B) Add an Exception or Exclusion for the software in your antivirus software after installation.

Once the installation is complete, your antivirus software might be restricted by your organization, or sometimes the antivirus software might detect the application as malicious, even though it is a trusted application. You can add the following folder paths to your antivirus exclusion list to prevent the program from being blocked.

Folder Locations:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SaasAnt Transactions

C:\Program Files (x86)\SaasAnt Transactions\SaasAnt Transactions.exe

Please refer to your Antivirus software technical support documentation on how to do that

If you have any queries or doubts, please feel free to email us at 

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