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How to import Credit card Transactions into QuickBooks Online

Uploading credit card transactions as expense transactions.

QuickBooks Online accounting software provides multiple options for recording credit card payments, allowing you to effectively track expenses and maintain accurate financial reports. Importing transactions with SaasAnt Transaction is a seamless process using our simplified and powerful Import wizard.

How does it work?

Let's assume that we have a file that contains the following credit card statement 

23/06/2023Purchase #ABC REF1203200
23/06/2023Purchase #Mech REF1204200

Note: To import charges (expenses) and refunds from vendors, it is necessary to include them in the credit card statement.

1. Credit Card Account

2. Expense Accounts

3. Customer or Vendor Names

Let's modify the file to add the above details.

DateDescriptionAmountBank Account Category AccountPayee
23/06/2023Purchase #ABC REF1203200VisaUncategorized Expense AccountDave
23/06/2023Purchase #Mech REF1204
VisaTelephone Expense AccountTelephone Company

Key Points:

  • If a transaction has a positive amount, it will be considered as a credit or a refund.
  • If a transaction has a negative amount, it will be considered an expense or a charge.
  • You need to remove the payments made against the Credit Card company. The payments need to be created as a Transfer from your Bank Account to your Credit Card Account in QuickBooks Manually.

How to upload credit card transactions as expense transactions into QuickBooks?

For importing transactions, the required information includes the vendor name, payment account, category account, and category amount.

Please follow the steps below to import transactions using our application.

Step 1)  Log in to the SaasAnt Transaction Online  

Step 2)  Select New Import Tab

Step 3)  Select browse file. 

Step 4) Select the sheet and transaction types as expenses for credit card transactions.

Step 5) Map the file, Headers

For any further inquiries regarding credit card transactions, please reach out to

How to Import Credit Cards into QuickBooks Online (New User Interface 2.0)

1) Login into SaasAnt Transaction Online

2) Select the New Import Tab.

3)  Select Let's import

4) Select Transaction, List, or Attachment to upload your file into QuickBooks.


5)  Select the QuickBooks entity as "Expenses"

6) Select the files you want to upload


7) Set up the Mapping of the columns in your Expenses

8) Select the "Preview Mapping" button to visualize current mapping based on QuickBooks

9) Select the "Review" button to view the mapped Excel data according to the QuickBooks file headers. 

10) Select the Upload tab.

11) The data was imported successfully into Quickbooks.

For any further inquiries regarding credit card transactions, please reach out to

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