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SaasAnt Accounting Usage summary

Accountants who handle multiple companies at the same time may undergo hundreds of tasks that need them to be at their best. Even a tiny mistake will cost them thousands of dollars and the reputation they hold with their clients. To avoid unnecessary errors while handling multiple companies you can make good use of the account usage summary feature from SaasAnt transactions.

What is an Account Usage summary?

The account usage summary feature is an effective and handy tool for accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners to handle their transactions in the most efficient way. Transactions that happened over a particular period of time can be easily viewed using the account summary feature. It serves a huge purpose by working as a reminder of all the key transactions that you have imported over time, it acts as a customer’s handbook for accounting.

Note: Using the account usage summary, you can check the imports, and exports and delete the status of the transactions that happened on a particular day, week, month, or year.

Step 1: Log in to SaasAnt Transaction Online

Step 2: Select Account Summary

Step 3: Select the date and end date from which you want the transaction details.

Step 4: Select Generate summary

Note: Now the list of transactions that you have imported through SaasAnt transactions will appear with the company name with the number of imports, exports and deleted records of the particular company in the given time period.

Insights about your work

Every accountant deals with N’ number of transactions in a year, but while accounting and auditing the files we all undergo the issue of summarizing the entire history, in such cases account summary comes in handy, some of the key benefits of account summary is

 A: Transaction numbers

 B: Billing

 C: Client Verification

 D: Accounting Sanity

Transaction numbers:

Once you have selected the Generate summary, you will have the number of transactions that you have imported into accounting platforms and the number of deleted transactions and files of the particular company.


Accountants when they bill their clients for serving and working on their accounting data records, the account summary feature can be of great help by listing out the work they have done and the details of the transactions to bill the client and for expenses.

Client verification:

When clients seek transaction details and delete the status of a company for a month or a week from accountants or bookkeepers, you can make use of this account summary feature and get the details summarized.

Accounting Sanity:

Accountants can make a note of the delete status of the particular company and make use of it in the later stage as a backup and to check for missing out transactions.

Key Point: Overall account summary is a valued adding feature for accountants in difficult times. To know more about the other SaasAnt transaction features, Click Here

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