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How to Edit transactions in QuickBooks using SaasAnt transactions ?

Importing Bulk transactions into accounting platforms may sometimes result in errors and eliminating them results in huge time consumption but with the help of the SaasAnt transaction Live edit feature, you can make changes and edit the bulk transactions easily. This helps in managing transactions and time efficiently.

 If accountants or bookkeepers want to make changes in the uploaded transactions or already created transactions in QuickBooks instead of exporting and downloading and then editing them in a separate external software application like Excel, you can easily make changes on the particular transactions using the LIVE EDIT feature.

 If you want to edit just four transactions using the live edit feature, just select the data range and the time of the uploaded transactions, search them, and filter them out using the filter option in the tabular column and edit them, instead of downloading it and editing in Excel.

To learn more about how to edit transcation in QuickBooks Online using SaasAnt Transactions. Check out this video to understand more about the process in-depth with simple steps.

Accounting Issues in  QuickBooks

Are you a bookkeeper stuck in a situation where the invoice transactions you created in QuickBooks are loaded with the wrong invoice number, customer name, etc? In order to edit and replace it, you have to edit every single transaction in QuickBooks but with the help of the live edit feature in SaasAnt Transactions you can directly edit them without needing to download, but by selecting and editing the single corrupted transaction, in the following scenarios mentioned below, live edit feature will be highly beneficial.

A) if there are two QuickBooks accounts and by mistake, an accountant uploads the transactions incorrectly into a different QuickBooks account, you can use the live edit feature to edit the transactions easily.

B) If you have made a double entry of the same entities like invoice numbers twice and you need to edit them immediately after uploading them into QuickBooks, using the live edit feature, you can make corrections rapidly

Steps to edit transactions in QuickBooks

Step 1: Log in to SaasAnt Transaction Online

Step 2)  Select Live Edit and Make changes

Step 3:  Select the entity type date range and date type

Step 4: Select search and filter out the required transactions, the total table of transaction records will appear on the screen.

Step 5:  Edit the necessary data by selecting the transactions and selecting Submit


Note: To verify the modified data, you can use the download option to download the modified data.

Step 6: Once your upload is successful, check the upload status along with the success and error records

Step 7: Select show results to navigate to the job history page, and find out the success and error records the file will get uploaded in QuickBooks now.


1) If I'm selecting a time range and 100 transactions have arrived, and I need to edit only 10 of them, how many transaction credits will be counted from my plan?

Ans: Only the edited one will be counted

2) Can I get all the transactions for reference after editing?

Ans: Yes you can, using the download option, select all the required transactions or the entire transactions according to your need and then select download to get all the transactions.

Tips & Tricks:

With the three dots option, you can filter out the particular transaction using QuickBooks  ID or entities, so that you can make changes only if necessary and save your time.

With the filter option, you can filter out the transactions instead of scrolling and find out

For example: if you want to fetch data from a particular, all you need to do is use the filter option, select the year and make changes to that.

Supported Transactions:

Customers VendorsOthers


1. Invoices1. Expense1. Journal Entry1. Customer
2. Receive Payments2. Check
2. Time Activity
2. Vendor
3. Estimate3. Bill
3. Employee
4, Credit Memo4. Bill Payment
4. Location
5. Sales Receipt5. Purchase Order
5. Product/Service
6. Refund Receipt
6. Vendor Credit
6. Chart of Accounts

7. Credit Card Credit

Benefits of using Live edit features:

1: Less time consumption-Manual editing is a long process where you need to download and edit every single transaction from accounting platforms, using the bulk edit feature will save an ample amount of time by just selecting the required transactions and editing them easily. 

2: Fewer errors- When you download and edit bulk transactions from accounting platforms there is a possibility of missing values and field names while making corrections in the middle of hundreds of transactions, but with the live edit feature you can do it hassle-free by filtering out the necessary transaction.  

 3: User-friendly interface and easy edit feature- Key features like date, time range selection, entity selection, and filter options enhance the user editing experience and help you edit easily. 

 4: downloadable option for verification- Once you have selected the transactions and completed editing you can use the download option at the bottom and download the file for future reference.

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