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How to Import Bills into Xero

You can import Bills from text files or Excel spreadsheets directly into Xero using SaasAnt Transactions (Online) software.


Pre Requisites

Connect your Xero account to SaasAnt Transactions (Online) App from Xero App Marketplace by clicking the "Get this app" button and get the 30-day free trial [No credit card required]. Alternatively, you can log in with your Xero account directly through this link -

Steps to Import Bills into Xero


To import Bills into Xero using the SaasAnt Transactions (Online) application, follow the steps below 


Step 1: Click on the "New Import" Menu to upload your file.


Step 2: Select your file and spreadsheet which has the Bills that you want to import.


Step 3: Select Bills in the Xero entity.


Step 4: Set up the mapping of the columns in your Bills import file to the corresponding fields in Xero.


Step 5: Click Import and your Bills will be directly added to your Xero account.


Please refer basics of field mappings for more info. If you have any confusion or doubts, feel free to drop an email to

SaasAnt Transactions (Online) Fields

Field Name



Bill No

255 Characters

Reference number for the transaction. By default, this number is used only within SaasAnt Transactions, and Xero auto-generates a new number. 



Name of the customer.

Bill Date


Date of the transaction.

Due Date


Date when the payment of the transaction is due. If the date is not provided, the number of days specified in SalesTermRef added with the transaction date will be used.

Address Line 1

500 Characters

First line of the Customer address

Address Line 2

500 Characters

Second line of the Customer address

Address Line 3

500 Characters

Third line of the Customer address

Address Line 4

500 Characters

Fourth line of the Customer address


255 Characters

City of the Customer address

Postal Code

50 Characters

Postal Code of the Customer address


50 Characters

Country of the Customer address


255 Characters

Email address should be in a valid format.

Line Item

50 Characters

Item Name

Line Item Description

4000 Characters

Item Description

Line Item Quantity


Number of items for the line

Line Item Unit Price


Unit Price of the item for the line

Line Item Discount Percent


Item Discount Percentage

Line Item Account

150 Characters

Item Account

Line Item Tax Rate

255 Characters

Item Tax Rate

Tracking Category 1


Tracking Category name 1

Tracking Category Option 1


Tracking Category Option name 1

Tracking Category 2


Tracking Category name 2

Tracking Category Option 2


Tracking Category Option  name 2



Should be a valid URL

Tax Type


Possible Values:
No Tax

Currency Code

3 Characters

Currency Code for the Bill

Currency Rate


Currency Rate for the Bill 



The status would be default if the status is not given

Sent To Contact


Contact to which the Bill is sent


Possible Failures & Troubleshooting Tips

The currency of the transaction is invalid for the customer/vendor/account.

The given Currency is different from the default currency of the Customer. Please refer to the Customer's Currency in Xero and update the same currency in the Currency field.

Email Address is invalid.

Kindly verify the given email address format. It should be in xxxx@xx.xx format.

Date is missing in the request.

The Date is missing for the transaction.

Amount is missing in the request.

The Line Item amount is missing for the particular line item.

Unit Price is missing in the request.

The Line Item unit price is missing for the particular line item.

Quantity is missing in the request.

The Line Item quantity is missing for the particular line item.

One or more transaction lines do not have a tax code. Please assign a tax code for those lines.

You have chosen either Inclusive or Exclusive in the Tax Type, but the Tax code is missing for the line item. Please change the Tax Type to "No Tax" or provide a valid Tax Code for each line item.

No matching reference found for this customer.

There is no match found for the given Customer Name.  Please enable the "Auto Creation of List Entities (Customer)" feature in import settings to create the customer automatically.

The discount amount must be non-negative and less than or equal to 100.

Please provide valid amounts in the Discount Amount Field.

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