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How to Integrate Authorize.Net Transactions with QuickBooks Online Using PayTraQer

Integrating Authorize.Net transactions with QuickBooks Online is very simple using PayTraQer. Let us learn how you can sync all your Authorize.Net transactions to QuickBooks in no time after setting up. 


Table of Contents

  • How to Integrate Authorize.Net with QuickBooks Online?

  • FAQs


 How to Integrate Authorize.Net with QuickBooks Online? 


To integrate your Authorize.Net transactions with your QuickBooks Online company, you will have to install PayTraQer and connect Authorize.Net to PayTraQer. 

If you have already connected your Authorize.Net account by verifying it with the API key, try the following steps for seamless integration.

You have to do some minimal settings changes before hitting the dashboard for the first time. 


Express Settings


This is the default setting recommended by the pro-advisors. It works perfectly for your Authorize.Net integration. You can click on ‘Ok, Let’s Start’ to run with this express setting. This is just for a quick start, you can change it any time after setting up.


Detailed Settings


If you want to fine-tune these settings according to your preferences, you can do it by clicking on ‘Go to Detailed Settings’. You can manage your Sales, Product, Tax and Payout preferences here. 


Sales Settings


Under this setting, you can manage your sales preferences. 

You can choose the bank account to deposit your sales/income and the method of payment you prefer for sales receipts, payments, expenses, etc.


Product Settings

This setting will allow you to choose how your products are synced to QuickBooks Online. 

If you turn on the auto-create feature, the missing items in your QuickBooks Online will be automatically created during the sync.

Tax Settings 


Turn ON this setting to record sync with tax calculation.

If turned OFF, the tax amount will be added to the transaction amount and recorded without tax.


Payout Settings

Enable the "Process the Payout" with the "Transfer To" account, so that all your Authorize.Net Payouts are processed as Transfer transactions in your QuickBooks Online for easy reconciliation.


Click ‘Save’ once you are done managing your preferences. 

This is just a basic setting. You can have your hands on further configurations through the Sync Setting, as you get along. (See how)

Your configuration is over and now you can start syncing your Authorize.Net transactions to QuickBooks Online with a single click.



Your previous Authorize.Net transactions for the past 60 days will be automatically downloaded to PayTraQer when you hit the dashboard.



Most of us would have some questions while moving data to your QuickBooks Online. Some of them for your reference below:

  • I want to import Bank Statements with Check Numbers from File. Is it supported?

            Yes. It is supported.

  • Will your application support Multi Line Transactions?

            Yes. It will.

  • I made some mistakes in the Import and my QuickBooks reports got corrupted. Is there any way to undo or revert my Import?

            It is possible to undo the import completely/ partially with the Delete feature.

  • Does your app support taxes?

            Yes. It does.

  • My file has some specific date format. I don't want to change the file. Will your product support all date formats?

            Yes. You can select the specific date format as per your requirement in the import settings.

  • Do you have any sample templates?

            Yes. We do have. Sample Template

  • What are the file types supported by your application?

            TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX etc. Supported File Formats 

  • How do I report the issues if I am stuck?
    Feel free to drop an email to 

Still unsure about the process or got stuck in somewhere in between while performing the above mentioned steps, please feel free to drop a mail at 

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