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An Overview of PayTraQer Settings for Clover


Setting up PayTraQer and configuring its settings is very simple. It just takes a couple of minutes and a few clicks. Observe these guidelines carefully for a seamless flow and integration.



PayTraQer Setting Overview

You can customize the following settings in PayTraQer.

Sales Settings– You can choose your bank account and the mode of payment here.

Products and Services Settings– Create/sync products automatically in QuickBooks Online without manual effort.

Tax Settings– Record tax information of Clover transactions into QuickBooks Online.


After setting up PayTraQer, you can configure your advanced settings. Click the gear icon and select ‘Settings’, listed under Sync Settings. Here you can see a wide range of advanced settings. You can change them however you prefer for seamless sync and sweat-free accounting. 


Let us get down to each setting in detail.


Sales Setting


Bank Account -Select the bank account to record your sales. This deposit bank account is used to create Payments in QuickBooks Online. You can also type an account name to create a new account in QuickBooks Online.

It is suggested to use the clearing bank account named "Clover Bank Account" instead of using a direct checking account for a mess-free reconciliation. To know what a clearing account is, read this article.

Payment Method - Choose a payment method to track your Payments, Sales Receipts, Refund Receipts and Expenses. It is suggested that you use the payment method named Clover for easy identification.

Auto-Create Customer - Turn on this setting to automatically create the customers in QuickBooks Online using the names available in the transactions, if the customer information is not available.

Common Customer Name - If you don't want to track sales by customers, you can select the default customer for all your sales. All your sales will be recorded with the selected customer name.

Location/ Department Name - Choose a common location or department name for all the sales, if you want to track locations for your invoice/sales receipt.


Product and Service Settings


Turn on this feature to automatically create and sync product/services (Items) in QuickBooks Online from Clover. PayTraQer brings the name, description, and rate information from Clover to QuickBooks Online.

Product/Service Type - Choose the type of product for auto-creation when the information is not available in QuickBooks Online. You can choose either Non-Inventory or Service. 

Income Account - Select the Income Account for the auto-created Products/Services. PayTraQer creates Items with this income account in QuickBooks Online.

Common Item

If you don't want to create items in QuickBooks Online as exactly as in Clover, you can turn ON this option to record all your sales to a default product/service.

You have to switch off Auto-Creation to enable this feature.

Common Product/Service - You can choose a default Item to record all your sales in QuickBooks Online. The Product details from Clover will be ignored and the provided item will be used in Invoices and Sales Receipts.

Match Products

You can either choose to match your products by name or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).


Tax Settings

For QuickBooks Online US


Enabling Tax Processing - Turn ON this setting to create the transactions in QuickBooks Online with the tax information available from the Clover Transactions.

If you turn it OFF, the tax amount will be added to the transaction amount.


Default Tax Percentage - Enter a default tax percentage for all the sales transactions. This tax percentage will be applied for transactions when the tax information is missing in the transaction. 


For Global QuickBooks Online (CA, UK, AU, IN, SG & Other Countries)

Enabling Tax Processing - Turn ON this feature to let PayTraQer set the tax amount to your transactions according to the tax information available in Clover. 

If you turn it OFF, the tax amount will be added to the transaction amount.

Inclusive Tax – Turn ON this feature to apply the inclusive taxes for your transactions during the sync when the tax information is missing in the transaction.

Common Tax Code - Set a common Tax Code for all your transactions to use when the tax information is missing in the transaction.

Exempt Tax – There could be non-taxable or exempted items in your sales. To sync these items details accurately, you need to select the Exemption/Zero tax, Tax Code.

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