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How to Import transactions into QuickBooks Online from SaasAnt Transactions (Online)

Learn how the SaasAnt Transactions(Online) application lets you Bulk Import, Export, and Delete your transactions from XLS/XLSX/CSV files into your QuickBooks Online. Also, you can monitor the import progress and take complete control of the import with our host of features using our SaasAnt Transactions (Online) Application.

Please follow the below steps to import the transactions into QuickBooks Online using our SaasAnt Transactions (Online)

Connect SaasAnt Transactions with your QuickBooks Online!


Step 1: New Import 

Once you logged into the app it gives you the option to click on the New Import on the left side of the screen under the Dashboard and hit on Browse file then locate the file where you have stored it on your computer and select it. And after selecting the file, please click on Submit.


Step 2: Select the QuickBooks Entity

Click on the drop-down under Select QuickBooks Entity and select the respective transaction that you are trying to import. For example, Invoices, Bills, Journal Entries, etc.



Step 3: Choose the File header & Quickbooks Field in the Mapping screen

Please click on the drop-down and select the File header for the respective Quickbooks field in the mapping screen. And once you are done with the mapping, please click on Import to Quickbooks at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Learn more about the mappings.




Step 4:To check the imported transaction in your Quickbooks

After the successful import, please click on Show Results. It will show you the total number of success and error records that you have imported recently. Please click on the QuickBooks response ID to open that particular transaction in your QuickBooks.

Learn more about the import settings


Learn more about the sample templates.

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