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Add Tax to Stripe/PayPal/Square Payments - QuickBooks Online (U.S)

There are chances that Stripe/PayPal/Square does not add tax information in your payments.  

Payment systems (Stripe/PayPal/Square) do not add tax percentage or tax amount 

Steps to add the tax to Stripe/PayPal/Square Payments in QuickBooks Online (U.S)

Step 1: When the payment made directly by entering card information.

Step 2: The payments received via e-commerce platforms.

Step 3: The payments received via email links or 3rd Party website integrations. 

As the original transaction does not have proper tax information, it is difficult to add payments with accurate sales tax in QuickBooks Online. 

PayTraQer has a special setting to overcome this issue. 

Step 4: Navigate to Stripe Settings Page and move to Tax configuration.

Step 5: Provide The tax percentage in "Type the common tax Percentage(%) if you want to use it for direct payments: "

PayTraQer calculates the original tax ( included in the payment) and updates accurately in QuickBooks Online.

Add Tax to Stripe/PayPal/Square Payments

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