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FAQ - PayTracker

What are the Payment Processors/Gateways supported by PayTracker?

 PayTracker supports PaypalStripe & Square.

What are the details needed to connect my Payment Processor with PayTracker?

You just need to have your Payment Processor login credentials. PayTracker redirects you to the Payment Processor website (PaypalStripe & Square) to authorize PayTracker.

How do I subscribe to PayTracker?

You can make the subscription from the PayTracker billing screen. Click Gear Menu -> Billing to navigate to the screen

Does your app record my transactions automatically in QuickBooks?

Yes. You can turn on the "Auto Sync" feature to automatically sync the transactions from Payment Processor (PaypalStripe & Square) to QuickBooks.

Do you provide any demo? 

Yes. We do. You can schedule the demo using this link.

Will PayTracker make changes in my  PaypalStripe & Square Account?

No. PayTracker never makes any changes in your accounts. PayTracker requests just for READ-ONLY permission with your processors and pulls only transaction data to sync.

How do I record payments transactions corresponding to the previous year?

You can sync "UNLIMITED" historical transactions using PayTracker. Download the previous year's transactions using the "Download Historical Transactions" feature.

When will my transaction appear in the PayTracker?

Normally, It will appear within 30 minutes in PayTracker after it is created in your processor account.

Can I add multiple users to PayTracker?

In PayTracker, you can add multiple users based on your subscription.

Do you offer a REFUND?

As per our payment policy and terms, the payment made is non-refundable. As we provide a TRIAL offer with 50 free credits, we highly request to opt for our TRIAL [No Credit Card is required] before making the final purchase.

How do I reach you if I encounter any issues in PayTracker?

Avail our in-app chat to get the immediate response from experts. You can send us the email to You can also reach out to our experts at +1 (619) 377-0977 (MON - FRI). 

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