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How to import Multiple Line transactions using Multiple columns in SaasAnt Transactions (Desktop)

SaasAnt Transactions (Desktop) provides an efficient way to import multi line transactions. It supports multi line transactions for all type of Sale and Expense Transactions. 

If your file has   MULTIPLE LINE TRANSACTIONS in  MULTIPLE LINES. then you need to follow THIS LINK .

This guide explains how to import  MULTIPLE LINE TRANSACTIONS if the details are spread in MULTIPLE COLUMNS.

Let's get into an experiment. We can assume that we need an INVOICE with multiple line items as below. Of course, the logic works as same for all type of transactions.

Assuming that we have a file like below example.


  1.  Navigate to Import Settings (Edit >> Import Settings) and Turn on "Enable Column Based Multi Line Transactions Mapping"  in Miscellaneous tab.
  2.  Navigate to Mapping Screen ( Import >> File Upload >  Mapping)
  3. In the Saved Mappings dropdown, you need to select "Multi Line Mappings by Column"



Then we need to map FILE HEADERS to QuickBooks Fields.  You can map  upto 20 Multiple Line Product / Expense Lines using this mapping settings. You can map Product Name, Rate, Amounts etc.

If the file contains only the sales amounts, you can use DEFAULT / OVERRIDE Custom functions to feed the Item Names.

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