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Custom Functions in SaasAnt Transactions (Desktop)

SaasAnt Transactions (Desktop) comes with the suite of predefined customized functions or formulas to ease the file processing.

Following custom functions are available.

  1. Set Value if Empty
  2. Override
  3. Replace If Matches
  4. Skip If Matches
  5. Skip If Contains
  6. Merge
  7. Expression

Set Value if Empty

Update the field with the given value if the corresponding cell is EMPTY
File Value :
Custom Function Value 1: Customer 1
Final File Value : Customer 1


Update the field with the given value. It will replace the content in the file.
File Value : Jn-1
Custom Function Value 1: John
Final File Value : John

Replace If Matches

Replace the content with given value.
File Value : Inv-1000
Custom Function Value 1: Inv
Custom Function Value 2: INVOICE
Final File Value : INVOICE-1000
4Skip If Matches
Skip the entire line if the given value matches with mapped field
File Value : Test
Custom Function Value 1: Test
Final File Value : Line will be skipped for import
5Skip If Contains
Skip the entire line if mapped field contains the given value ( partial match)
File Value : Test Transaction Ignore
Custom Function Value 1: Test
Final File Value : Line will be skipped for import
Merge Multiple values available in the file
File Value Column 1 : John
File Value Column 2: St
Custom Function Value 1: Column 1,Column 2
Final File Value :  John St
Populate the file value in the given template expression ({} will be replaced by file data)
File Value : John
Custom Function Value 1: Thank You {}
Final File Value : Thank You John

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