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How to Use SaasAnt Transaction Software to Import File Transactions/ Lists?

Users can import the file transactions or lists to the QuickBooks on SaasAnt Transactions (Desktop) by undergoing three simple steps via a simple import wizard.

Step-1: File Selection

  • Firstly select the desired QuickBooks transaction or list type (supported types).
  • Then select the file that you need to import by browsing it (supported file formats).
  • Proceed and select the desired sheet for the chosen file ( applicable only for Excel files)
  • Now press the next button.

Step-2: Mapping

  • Once your file is uploaded, the field mapping screen will appear on your screen.
  • After this, you will be required to select the File Header against respective QuickBooks Fields if needed. This step can be eliminated if you use the "SaasAnt Template" file.
  • Save the mappings if you want by clicking Add/Save Mapping.
  • Click on "Show Important Fields" button if you want to see only minimal required fields.
  • Data in the file can be customized or converted for your special needs using Mapping Formulas like "Override", "Replace If matches", "Skip If Matches" etc.
  • Then proceed by clicking the next button.

Step-3: Review & Import

  • After completing mapping, you will reach the Review & Import screen.
  • Here you can review your excel file data before it is imported to your QuickBooks company
  • You can even customize the data settings according to your requirements by clicking the Import Setting button.
  • Once the file is successfully imported, a “QB link” will appear in the list. You can click this link to open the imported transaction/ list in QuickBooks.

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