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Import with Custom Transaction Reference No

QuickBooks has a feature that allows users to enter custom transaction reference number like Invoice No, Check No & etc.  

SaasAnt Transactions (Online) allows users to use the reference numbers from file and creates relevant transactions with given Reference numbers (Invoice No, Check No).

In this article, we will explain the settings for importing transactions with custom reference number.

Enable Custom Reference Number in QuickBooks


If you want to assign your reference number in Invoices or expenses, you need to enable Custom Transaction Numbers in QuickBooks.


Follow the steps described in the below link.

SaasAnt Transactions (Online) Settings


If you are new to our app, please go through below links on how to import transactions and how to map a file.


In the Upload screen, “Settings” button (red colored) is available. It will open up bunch of settings that can help your import.

The one which we interested currently is “Assign Transaction Reference Numbers (Invoice No, Expense No &Etc.) from file”.



You need to enable (switch on) “Assign Transaction Reference Numbers (Invoice No, Expense No &Etc.) from file” to assign the reference numbers from file and assign it in your transactions. 




If this feature is disabled (switched off), "SaasAnt Transactions (Online)" will ask QuickBooks to assign the reference numbers.


There may be situations where you don’t want to have this feature. You can disable this feature if you face any following scenarios. 

  1. File contains same reference numbers or serial numbers for every import. This may be common when you manually enter data in the file. 
  2. Your transaction is generated from some other tool and it generates without any reference number.
  3. Your file has reference numbers which are not used for tracking.
  4. You want QuickBooks to automatically assign reference numbers.




Explore more setting.


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