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Importing Transaction With Bundles Using SaasAnt Transactions (Online)

Intuit introduced Bundles to QuickBooks Online. You can group items together to sell as a package. 

Bundles are available only in QuickBooks Online Essentials and QuickBooks Online Plus. You won’t find it in QuickBooks Online Simple Start.


What is a QuickBooks Bundle?

A bundle in QuickBooks is a grouped item that you can be able to sell and track in QuickBooks Online.

You can group the items that you will often sell together as bundles and also you can easily add multiple items into transactions.

The easiest way to understand bundle items is to consider a concrete use case. Imagine a gift basket:

  • 2 chocolate bunnies
  • 1 Bag of jelly beans
  • 1 box of marshmallow chicks
  • 1 Pez dispenser
  • 2 packages of assorted Pez candy
  • 1 plush bunny
  • 1 medium basket
  • 1 package plastic grass

If I run a gift shop and my cashiers have to add each individual item and quantity into an invoice or sales receipt, there are going to be a lot of mistakes and incorrect prices.

Also, I might also want to include a discount just to get some of those nasty marshmallows chicks off my shelves!

Bundle items to the rescue! I can simply define a bundle item “Gift Basket” and define the items and quantities that belong to the bundle.

quickbooks bundle import

In Invoice, It will look like this.

import bundle in quickbooks

How QuickBooks bundles can be imported using a File?

Are there any changes to your templates?

The answer is NO. You can import QuickBooks Bundles as same as normal Products or Services. So SIMPLE!

You need to map the following Details to import Bundles.


Bundle Details
SaasAnt Mapping Fields
Bundle Name
   Line Item
Bundle Quantity
   Line Item Quantity
Bundle Tax Code
   Line Item Tax Code
  Line Item Taxable



If you are new to the Field Mappings concept, please check this link to know more.


SaasAnt Transactions (Online) will pull the list of products in a bundle and creates the sale transactions.



 1.  Is there any way to change the QuickBooks Bundle Item Price?

It is not possible. QuickBooks does not allow to set amount for any Bundle Items. The amount will be derived from its products automatically.

As you can see, we have not listed “Line Item Amount” or any amount fields in the field mapping.

2.  I want to change the quantity and price of some products in the QuickBooks Bundle. Is it possible?

Currently, it is not supported in our tool. It creates complexity in configuring the details in the file.


3.  How do I mark tax for QuickBooks Bundles?

If you are using U.S QuickBooks Version, you can use the “Line Item Taxable” field to mark the Bundles to Tax.

If you are using CA / AU / UK / IN QuickBooks Versions, you need to use the “Line Item Tax Code” to specify the tax code.

QuickBooks Bundle Import Tricks

We always get into trouble when we realize that we need some more customization in QuickBooks import. Sometimes, you want to give different tax codes for each product grouped under a bundle or you want to control the taxing of each product in a bundle.

As you can see in the above table, SaasAnt Transactions (Online) does not provide an option to enter individual products for bundles.


You can define the sale tax code for each product in QuickBooks Online. You can edit your existing product or service and assign a tax code.

Then you can ignore the “Bundle Tax Code” or “Bundle Taxable” mappings. SaasAnt Transactions (Online) will fetch details from QuickBooks to decide the tax code. So you don’t need to feed the tax code in a file.

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