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Having issues in accessing SaasAnt Transactions (Online)?

On some occasions, you may see error messages or will have difficulties connecting to SaasAnt Transactions (Online).

We would like to explain how this process works which in turn will help to understand why some of you see certain error messages.

How is SaasAnt Transactions connected to your QuickBooks Company?

In order to add SaasAnt Transactions (Online) to your QuickBooks, a user must have any of the following user profiles for that particular QuickBooks Online company file.

•    Master Admin
• Company Admin
•    QuickBooks Online Accountant User

Master Admin and Company Admin can only add SaasAnt Transactions (Online) application by navigating to the “Apps” menu or by visiting the below URL.

Online Accountant users need to sign in at to work with “SaasAnt Transactions (Online)”.  They can also login to the below URL and add their client companies.

So, just because you have added our App does not mean that all users will have access to it.  You will need to go to “SaasAnt Transactions (Online)” and add them as users.

Technical Background:

When a user connects our application to QuickBooks Online, an Access Token is generated for ease of future access.

For security reasons these tokens are not open-ended and do expire from time to time.

How can you access SaasAnt Transactions (Online)?


If you are ADMIN who added our application, you can access our app using the “Apps” menu in QuickBooks Online.

Other Admins and Normal Users have to go to the below URL and log in using Intuit Credentials or SaasAnt Credentials.

Common Error Messages:

1.  app_already_purchased

Error Code: app_already_purchased
Message: The application has already been subscribed to by another user for this company. Please contact (email address) to make changes to this subscription.

Please ask the person listed in the error message to add you as a user.
If you no longer want that this person be the Admin of the App and if they are still a current QuickBooks Online user for that company, 
ask this person to sign in to QuickBooks Online and go to Apps/My Apps and then look for the application in question and select the disconnect link.

If this person is no longer part of this QuickBooks Online company or your firm, then please send us an email to from your ADMIN Email Id. Our support team will back to you with workarounds.

2.  Why do I not see the App listed in My Apps?

By Intuit’s design, only the Admin can access our Application from within QuickBooks Online.  Any other user of the application must go directly to SaasAnt website LOGIN URL.

If you are the Admin user and still cannot see our App, then it is possible that the Intuit access token has expired.

You can go to the below link and reconnect the App.

The App was working yesterday now I am having problems accessing it?

Occasionally there might be an issue on the Intuit Platform.  You can check the status of QuickBooks Online API and Intuit App Connect at


If both are operational, please send us an email to


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