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Import Transactions in QuickBooks Online using PRODUCT SKU

Needless to say, Keeping the exact name of products in your QuickBooks import files is not possible. There are lots of chances where they can go wrong.

Import with SKU into QuickBooks Online:

But it is easy to maintain the ID or SKU of a product in QuickBooks Importing files. If you are maintaining your transactions based on SKU details, “SaasAnt Transactions (Online)” can help you to import all your transactions into QuickBooks Online with Product SKU.


There is no need to make any changes to your files. You just need to tune your Import settings.

How to Enable settings to Import using SKU for QuickBooks Online?


Import settings can be accessed by the Settings Menu or by clicking the “Settings” button in Upload Review Screen.

Under Advanced Tab, you need to enable the “Find Product by SKU” feature.

Import Transactions with Product SKU in QuickBooks Online

Import with Product SKU in QuickBooks Online

Risk Factors:

If you have enabled the “Find Product by SKU” feature, then “SaasAnt Transactions (Online)” won't attempt to create Products automatically even when the “Auto Create List Entities” feature is enabled in Import Settings.

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