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Importing bills

Does any one know how to import bills that have items for inventory. In the perfect world it would be received in the POS and transferred in to inventory asset, but I am bring in historical data straight to quickbooks. In the mapping it requires me to put an income account in if I want it to create the items. Also it requests the default cogs and asset. The asset is inventory asset, but it goes straight to the income account. Anyone know how to get around this?
  • These are the basic steps to import a bill:-

    1. Select the Gear icon at the top.
    2. Under Tools, choose Import Data.
    3. From the list, select Bills.
    4. Select the Browse button.
    5. Select your Excel file, click Open then select Next to continue.
    6. If you would like QuickBooks to auto create contacts and/or product/service items then select the applicable option(s) and select Next.
    7. Map the headers in your Excel file to the fields in QuickBooks, then click Next.
    8. If you are VAT registered, map your VAT codes to those of QuickBooks, then select Next.
    9. You’ll now see a summary of your import. Adjust your data if necessary then select Import.

    Hope This Helps You Out.

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