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Remove Billable Expense from Bills

I have bills in QBO that have billable expenses setup at the Category and assigned to a Customer.  The billable expenses have never been added to any actual Customer invoice and I need to bulk remove them. 

I attempted to use the Modify function after exporting the Bills and setup the mapping to change the Category Billable field to False and Billable Customer to nothing (blanked it out in my import file). 

The error received is: The purchase cannot be deleted as it would make the invoice it is linked to invalid. 

I understand how this could be true in some cases where the billabe expense had already been added to a Customer's invoice, but that is NOT the case in my situation.  I can manually go to the Bill in Quickbooks and remove the Billable checkmark and/or remove the Customer name and save it without error.

Please help.

I've attached my import file.  I am using the "Sheet1" tab as a test.

  • Currently, Excel Transactions skips EMPTY or BLANK values. So it does not update the Billable value and Customer information in Bills.   It is the current limitation. 

  • Ok, but the Billable field is NOT blank or empty but rather needing to be changed from True to False.  I don't think this answers the question fully.

  • Thanks for the information. Our app supports if you can provide Billable as False. But you need to export the complete transactions and upload via Modify menu in Excel Transactions.

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