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After import has been completed

The class did not import correctly. Is there a way to still get the class information in after the import has already been completed? I still need that information and do not want to enter it in
  • If the import is completed, then you can use our EXPORT and MODIFY feature to update the transactions which are already sent to QB.

  • When I import invoices, the class field is available to map, but after the import, the class information does not import. This is important for us to be able to import items line by line with different classes, due quantity of lines, it would not be feasible to go into QBO and amend each invoice individually. EXPORT and MODIFY doesn't work, the class still does not import.

  • There are 2 types of classes.

    • Transaction LevelĀ 
    • Line Level

    If you want to get class details at Transaction Level, you need to map it to Class field.

    If you want to get class details at Line Level, you need to map it to Product/Service Class field.

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