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Integrate Tally (India) with QuickBooks

Hey guys, I was surprised to realize this is not as simple as it should be. SaasAnt also denied any solution to this. Are there any paid services that can allow this to happen? Any advise would be appreciated :) 

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  • Hi Pratik Saraogi,

    Really sorry. Due to the complex Excel  File Structure of Tally , We could not find best solution to import Tally transactions into QuickBooks Online.  If we find any solution , we will let you know. 



  • Hi Divya,

    Thanks for posting your thoughts. As you know, syncing Tally to QBO is an app in itself. We will post this feature to our product roadmap team and if we get lot of requests on this, we will definitely prioritise the feature.

    Thanks once again.

  •  Hi Pratik,

    We have custom made a process to convert the unstructured tally exported files into SaaSant template to import transactions.

    We have done 5 full migration of clients till date. Connect if you looking for paid support. Thanks.


  • Can you please reach out to me at And explain what the payment ranges are?

  • I think now QuickBooks in much more advanced especially for GST ! You can set up GST in QuickBooks


    Adrian Gates

  • Thanks good news in respect of SaasAnt VS Tally 

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