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Error messages

I previously tried to upload a large .csv file but got the entity and field mapping wrong. Also I realized I didn't need the entire file, just a portion of it. I wanted to delete and start over, but I cannot. The delete button will not work and I get the message, "Transactions which are imported via QBO Bank or Paypal integrations cannot be deleted due to the limitations of QBO." So, I decided I must modify. I cannot seem to edit my previous upload's entity or field mapping. So I thought maybe I should upload again with the correct entity and field mappings(which I'm not even sure I got right, but I'm doing trial and error). When I try to upload new files, even just 3 lines out of a file, I get the message, "Max Limit Reached. There are already some imports/deletes in progress." 

I need help!!! I can't do anything at this point.

  • Hi Rinnah,

    The files which you have uploaded . (import as Account) have  been failed for all rows. So you don't need to clear out the files. Please import the new file . 

    As we have limit of 250 transactions for a trail users, you have reached the maximum limit. We have cleared the imports. Please logout and login again to see the changes.

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