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How to add Tax to my transactions ?

I have mapped "Global Tax Calculation"  to Tax Amount . But it failed to import. It shows "Invalid value for Global Tax Calculation". How to fix these errors?

  • Global Tax Calculation mapping is used to find the Tax Model like Inclusive of Tax , Exclusive of tax.

    The following values are valid for Global Tax Calculation

    1. NotApplicable
    2. TaxInclusive
    3. TaxExcluded

    Note: No SPACE is allowed in values.

    Please map the Tax Codes to Line Item Tax Code or Expense Tax Code . Our Application will only understand the Tax Codes not the Tax Amount.

    Kindly make sure that the tax codes given in the file should be matched exactly as QBO Tax Codes.

  • If I have a check that has multiple import item lines with a mix of tax rates, how do I import these correctly?

  • Hi Markie,

    Each line can have it's own tax code.  If a tax code has mixed tax rates, our app calculates the final amount based on tax rates.

  • Hi Jennifer, I have raised a support ticket on this, but I am having issues with an import today.

    I have previously uploaded in the existing format and had no issues, I am not sure of there is an issue at Quickbooks end or at your end.

    I have specified NotApplicable under Global Tax Calculation and then NoVAT under Line Item Tax Code, this is causing issues with the import, and I am returned error messages, this is happening for both Sales Invoices and Bank Expenses.

    Bank Deposits imported fine this morning with a VATInclusive Global Tax Calculation and Journals also imported fine using NoVAT in the Line Item Tax Code.

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